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handbag handbag 15x11 inches
Price: USD 125.00
open shopping bag open shopping bag 15x11 inches
Price: USD 95.40
handbag handbag 13x8 inches
Price: USD 68.30
shoulder bag shoulder bag 14x11 inches
Price: USD 94.80
shoulder bag shoulder bag 8x9 inches
Price: USD 53.60
shoulder bag shoulder bag 9x8 inches
Price: USD 50.90
handbag handbag 12x10 inches
Price: USD 93.80
shoulder bag shoulder bag 11x9 inches
Price: USD 67.20
utility bag utility bag 9x6 inches
Price: USD 34.60
utility bag utility bag 8x6 inches
Price: USD 24.40
utility bag utility bag 7x5 inches
Price: USD 18.90
utility bag utility bag 6x4 inches
Price: USD 16.20
eye glass case eye glass case 4x7 inches
Price: USD 25.00
coin purse large coin purse large 5x4 inches
Price: USD 22.40
coin purse medium coin purse medium 4x4 inches
Price: USD 20.30
coin purse small coin purse small 4x3 inches
Price: USD 15.80

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
T. +32(0)50 34 54 54 - F. +32(0)50 34 55 31
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Customer testimonials

"The package arrived today. All items are very fine and definitely in the expected quality. It was a pleasure to find such a reliable and fast reacting web shop, which is selling high quality items of fine art! Thank you very much."
Fred Schwohl, Germany
"We received our tapestry on Monday. We were surprised that the tapestry got here so quickly. The tapestry is lovely. It is hanging above our mantel. The tree of life tapestry brings life to our living room. We could almost see the birds flying in the morning when the birds are chirping outside..."
Sharon Lim, Plano, Texas, U.S.A.
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