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The Codex Manesse, Manesse Codex, or Große Heidelberger Liederhandschrift is an illuminated manuscript in codex form copied and illustrated between ca. 1304 when the main part was completed, and ca 1340 with the addenda; the codex was produced in Zürich at the request of the Manesse family of Zürich.

Von Obernburg Von Obernburg 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Waltram von Gresten Waltram von Gresten 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Von Buchheim Von Buchheim 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Hartmann von Aue Hartmann von Aue 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Walther von Metze Walther von Metze 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Heinrich von Rugge Heinrich von Rugge 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Wernher von Teufen Wernher von Teufen 45x45 cm
Price: EUR 23.90

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