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Dutch florals

Blumenbild Blumenbild 26x32 inches
Price: USD 174.00
Breughel Antique Breughel Antique more sizes
from: USD 515.00
Summerflowers Summerflowers more sizes
from: USD 261.00
Bouquet Verendael Bouquet Verendael more sizes
from: USD 128.00
Bouquet Verendael Bouquet Verendael 34x41 inches
Price: USD 181.00
Exotique Bouquet Exotique Bouquet 56x79 inches
Price: USD 1070.00
Bouquet Doré Bouquet Doré more sizes
from: USD 371.00
Terracotta Terracotta more sizes
from: USD 351.00

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
T. +32(0)50 34 54 54 - F. +32(0)50 34 55 31
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Customer testimonials

"I purchased this exquisite tapestry for my wife's Birthday present.It came extremely fast and carefully wrapped.We are very satisfied.This was our second purchase."
Michael Anchel, FLORIDA, U.S.A.
"Our Sylvan Landscape tapestry arrived this afternoon right on schedule. It is lovely! Thank you for all your help and hard work. Our whole family will enjoy this for years to come. Thank you again."
Marietta Gutscher, Germany
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