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Dutch florals

Blumenbild Blumenbild 26x32 inches
Price: USD 177.00
Breughel Antique Breughel Antique more sizes
from: USD 524.00
Summerflowers Summerflowers more sizes
from: USD 265.00
Bouquet Verendael Bouquet Verendael more sizes
from: USD 130.00
Bouquet Verendael Bouquet Verendael 34x41 inches
Price: USD 184.00
Exotique Bouquet Exotique Bouquet 56x79 inches
Price: USD 1086.00
Bouquet Doré Bouquet Doré more sizes
from: USD 376.00
Terracotta Terracotta more sizes
from: USD 357.00

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Customer testimonials

"Fantastic Service and great products!"
Danny Dixon, Mexico

Great quality tapestry and absolutely great customer service. I have already purchased twice, and both occassions are very satisfactory. For special needs, shipment and even resizing the tapestry, all is handled fast and very cooperatively whenever I email Mille Fleurs. Do not hesitate to buy, this is a great place to shop that is not just thinking about getting a profit from you :-) No regrets!

R Pusparini, Netherlands
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