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European scenes

Beguinage, Bruges Beguinage, Bruges 23x18 inches
Price: USD 71.30
Groenerei in Bruges Groenerei in Bruges more sizes
from: USD 357.00
Groenerei in Bruges Groenerei in Bruges 39x26 inches
Price: USD 102.00
Flemish Houses Flemish Houses 26x37 inches
Price: USD 81.50
Flemish Houses Flemish Houses 26x56 inches
Price: USD 122.00
Flemish Houses Flemish Houses 53x26 inches
Price: USD 121.00
Flemish Bridge Flemish Bridge 37x24 inches
Price: USD 145.00
Groenerei in Bruges Groenerei in Bruges more sizes
from: USD 152.00
Beguinage, Bruges Beguinage, Bruges 29x21 inches
Price: USD 81.50
Heidelberg Heidelberg 40x30 inches
Price: USD 210.00
Venice Venice 39x39 inches
Price: USD 222.00
Toledo Toledo 39x30 inches
Price: USD 284.00
Toledo Toledo 71x53 inches
Price: USD 840.00
Neuschwanstein Neuschwanstein 37x31 inches
Price: USD 255.00
Antwerp Antwerp more sizes
from: USD 82.60

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
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Customer testimonials

"I purchased this exquisite tapestry for my wife's Birthday present.It came extremely fast and carefully wrapped.We are very satisfied.This was our second purchase."
Michael Anchel, FLORIDA, U.S.A.
"Thank you so much. They are better than I had imagined. The quality is superb! The tapestries arrived here on Monday evening June 2, 2003. That was very fast: only 4 days!"
Holly Adams, Colville, WA, USA
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