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Hand woven tapestries

Two techniques exist in weaving tapestries by hand:
High warp work (haute-lisse) and low warp (basse-lisse) work.

The high warp loom is composed of two pillars supporting two mobile cylinders (rollers), the first one placed in the higher part, and the other in the lower part. Weaving is thus made vertically. With the low warp loom the warp is stretched on a horizontal plan, thus weaving is made horizontally.

These two techniques are radically different. However, once the tapestry is completed, the result is the same. The front and back surfaces are almost alike. On the back, you can see loose threads that were used to connect parts with the same color. Often wool is chosen to weave by hand. These days, there are not so many ateliers left, where weaving is done by hand. However, we have some in our collection. The cost is significant higher.

Royal Manufacturers De Wit

Flanders (Belgium) has always been an invaluable source of tapestry art. Royal Manufacturers De Wit, founded in Mechelen in 1889, is the only private workshop in Flanders to maintain this age-old tradition. Their main activities are conservation based on traditional and innovative methods and trading in unrivalled collections of antique tapestries. You can visit the workshop and the collection.



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Nous avons reçu tapisserie et couvre-coussins. Le tout est d'une grande qualité et magnifique. Nous avons choisi le Triptyque de la Cour Médiévale (ARMEDGAR). Merci.

Louise T-Beaulieu, Laval Prov. de Quebec, Canada
"Acabo de recibir los cojines de tapiz, y estoy impresionado por la calidad del tapiz, la excelente terminacion, los colores vivos que tiene y el detalle de terciopelo en la parte de detras. Lo cierto es que nos hacia mucha ilusion tener algun tapiz belga de Brujas, porque siempre habiamos oido hablar de ellos ahora ya lo tenemos y podemos disfrutar de el, el servicio muy bueno y la atencion excelente. Muchas gracias y no sera la ultima compra que hagamos."
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