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How to hang a tapestry

Before hanging, it might be necessary to iron the tapestry. This you better do on the back side using a lot of steam. However, if you use a light cloth on top and if you don’t put the iron on maximum, you may iron on the good side of the tapestry. 

Rods and Finials

Most of our tapestries have either a rod pocket sewn into the lining on the back or have a varying number of loops at the top. A rod is an easy and typical method of hanging. They are available in all kinds of materials, sizes and colors. Usually, these will have decorative end pieces called finials. Finials come in varying designs such as leaves, balls, acorn shapes, etc. Be careful in selecting a style. It should match the style of the tapestry. The length of the rod is usually to your own taste but you normally will not want it extending too far beyond the hooks or brackets. The diameter of the rod is usually dependent on the size and weight of the tapestry. The price of the rods and finials can get rather high depending on how elaborate you would like to go. As you have seen above, a rod is necessary for hanging a tapestry finished with loops. A lot of people think this is the best method but it has its drawbacks. The caution having a tapestry finished with this hanging method is that; unless the tapestry is sewn exactly right the tapestry, after hanging for some period of time tends to curve inward between the loops.

Baseboard (flat bar - slat)

This is another very effective and inexpensive way of hanging a tapestry with a rod pocket. It’s done by simply using a piece of baseboard or a flat bar, in wood, plastic or metal. Make sure the bar is a little shorter than the length of the tapestry. The width of the baseboard varies with the width of the pocket on the tapestry. Once you have the baseboard cut to length, drill a hole at each end that is equidistant and centered. Mark through the drilled holes where the screws will be placed. Now that the screw holes are determined you will probably want to put wall anchors where the screws will be going. Then, put the baseboard into the pocket of the tapestry and secure one end of the baseboard at a time using screws the right size for the wall anchor. This method puts the tapestry right next to the wall, the top being very straight. The cost of this installation is usually very low.


The last way suggested to hang a tapestry is on Velcro. This will usually require some amount of sewing, however there is some self-adhesive Velcro available. The width can vary between 1/2" (1,25cm) and 4" (10cm). The amount you use depends on the size of the tapestry. Half of the adhesive needs to be added to the top of the lining. The other half of the Velcro can be put on a piece of baseboard, rather than attaching it directly to the wall. Stapling is the way to do this. Again, pre-drill the baseboard as mentioned above, and put wall anchors in to place before securing baseboard. Make sure you use a level. Then simply attach the tapestry to the Velcro strip on the wall. The cost of the Velcro application is somewhat more than just using a baseboard. Especially on curved walls, this is a good use of Velcro. Use here a flexible board.

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