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medieval knights

A knight was a "gentleman soldier" or member of the warrior class of the Middle Ages in Europe. In other Indo-European languages, cognates of cavalier or rider are more prevalent (eg French chevalier and German Ritter) suggesting a connection to the knight's mode of transport. Since antiquity a position of honour and prestige has been held by mounted warriors such as the Greek hippeus and the Roman eques, and knighthood in the Middle Ages was inextricably linked with horsemanship.

Tournament Tournament 87x59 inches
Price: USD 920.00
Melchior Melchior 30x39 inches
Price: USD 232.00
Godfrey of Bouillon Godfrey of Bouillon more sizes
from: USD 101.00
Medieval Knight Medieval Knight 38x26 inches
Price: USD 302.00
The Knight The Knight more sizes
from: USD 232.00
Prayer Prayer more sizes
from: USD 71.20
Knight's Tournament Knight's Tournament more sizes
from: USD 120.00
Medieval Knight Medieval Knight 38x26 inches
Price: USD 302.00
Medieval Knights Medieval Knights 79x31 inches
Price: USD 572.00

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Grâce à 5 tapisseries du codex Manesse, nous avons grandement embelli notre cage d'escalier.

Anne Fontvieille, NULL

Hi. Received the package yesterday and we really love it. Thanks.

Sianny Carle, La Mirada, CA, U.S.A.
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