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Art-historical term applied to a category of subject-matter referring to the depiction of the Near East by Western artists, particularly in the 19th century.

Les Astronomes Les Astronomes more sizes
from: EUR 173.00
Pineapple Pickers Pineapple Pickers 75x150 cm
Price: EUR 326.00
Pineapple Pickers Pineapple Pickers 150x150 cm
Price: EUR 573.00
Le point d'eau Le point d'eau 150x150 cm
Price: EUR 573.00
Pineapple Pickers Pineapple Pickers 75x220 cm
Price: EUR 449.00
Elephant Elephant 150x110 cm
Price: EUR 431.00
Pineapple Pickers Pineapple Pickers 150x220 cm
Price: EUR 837.00
Flamenco Flamenco 75x150 cm
Price: EUR 326.00

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thank you for sending me the most beautifull tapestries i have ever had the pleasure to own your service is second to none.

nadia toomey, Mexico
"Thank you for the wonderful tapestries that I got from your company. I already have four of them, and several pads. I wish success to all who work and bring joy to your customers."
Valia Dineva, --- Изберете ---, Bulgaria
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