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The Ball of Roses The Ball of Roses 37x30 inches
Price: USD 185.00
The Bath The Bath 40x43 inches
Price: USD 457.00
Stuart Crest Stuart Crest more sizes
from: USD 260.00
Promenade Promenade more sizes
from: USD 566.00
The Bath The Bath more sizes
from: USD 198.00
Reading in Garden Reading in Garden more sizes
from: USD 183.00
Reading in Garden Reading in Garden 113x69 inches
Price: USD 1113.00
The Hunt The Hunt 98x56 inches
Price: USD 902.00

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
T. +32(0)50 34 54 54 - F. +32(0)50 34 55 31
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Customer testimonials

"The most beautiful tapestries in Poland are in Wawel castle in Krakow and at my home, the difference is that I purchased them in Mille Fleures few days ago and the King brought his from Flanders five centuries earlier. Not only the tapestries are astonishing, but also the customer service is brilliant. I regret I don't have more walls."
Michał Bielecki, Poland
"We just received the tapestry, and it is so beautiful and of such high quality that I had to write you immediately. We sometimes feel nervous about buying such items without seeing or feeling them in person. As you know, there is a wide range of quality for fabrics. The weave/stitch size is very small to allow for nuances in color and delicate designs. In addition, the hues are well depicted on your web site and are exactly what we expected. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful piece of art! We will recommend you to our friends."
Anthony E. Steimle, Saratoga, CA, USA
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