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Royal Hunt Royal Hunt 49x37 inches
Price: USD 304.00
Medieval Court Medieval Court 55x34 inches
Price: USD 249.00
Art of Embroidery Art of Embroidery 40x47 inches
Price: USD 496.00
The Hunting The Hunting more sizes
from: USD 415.00
Promenade Promenade more sizes
from: USD 270.00
The Lady The Lady 32x34 inches
Price: USD 152.00
Promenade Promenade more sizes
from: USD 198.00
The Ball of Roses The Ball of Roses 37x30 inches
Price: USD 185.00
The Bath The Bath 40x43 inches
Price: USD 457.00
Stuart Crest Stuart Crest more sizes
from: USD 260.00
Promenade Promenade more sizes
from: USD 566.00
The Bath The Bath more sizes
from: USD 198.00
Reading in Garden Reading in Garden more sizes
from: USD 183.00
Reading in Garden Reading in Garden 113x69 inches
Price: USD 1113.00
The Hunt The Hunt 98x56 inches
Price: USD 902.00
Noble Amazon Noble Amazon more sizes
from: USD 216.00
Noble Amazon Noble Amazon 98x56 inches
Price: USD 825.00
Medieval Concert Medieval Concert more sizes
from: USD 305.00
Pastoral Concert Pastoral Concert 34x41 inches
Price: USD 194.00
Gift of the Heart Gift of the Heart 34x40 inches
Price: USD 179.00
Duke of Berry Duke of Berry more sizes
from: USD 129.00
Falcon Hunt Falcon Hunt more sizes
from: USD 171.00
Falcon Hunt Falcon Hunt 44x34 inches
Price: USD 192.00

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"MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Better than expected. Outstanding service, fast shipping. Will highly recommend. Thank You for great experience. We love this tapestry, it shows like $10,000 piece of art."
Paul Chovan, Florida, U.S.A.

Perfect klantservice. Omdat een Stelling slechts enkele dagen in huis beschikbaar bleek, was snelle verzending noodzakelijk. Millefleurs heeft daarvoor zorg gedragen. Dank voor het meedenken.

Marie C. Van der leeuw, Den haag, Netherlands
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