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handbag handbag 32x24 cm
Price: EUR 96.90
handbag handbag 37x29 cm
Price: EUR 123.00
open shopping bag open shopping bag 37x29 cm
Price: EUR 93.50
handbag handbag 32x21 cm
Price: EUR 66.90
shoulder bag shoulder bag 36x27 cm
Price: EUR 92.90
shoulder bag shoulder bag 21x22 cm
Price: EUR 52.50
shoulder bag shoulder bag 23x21 cm
Price: EUR 49.90
small shoulder/handbag small shoulder/handbag 22x17 cm
Price: EUR 45.90
handbag handbag 31x26 cm
Price: EUR 91.90
shoulder bag shoulder bag 27x22 cm
Price: EUR 65.90
utility bag utility bag 22x15 cm
Price: EUR 33.90
utility bag utility bag 18x12 cm
Price: EUR 18.50
utility bag utility bag 15x10 cm
Price: EUR 15.90
eye glass case eye glass case 9x19 cm
Price: EUR 24.50
coin purse large coin purse large 13x10 cm
Price: EUR 21.90
coin purse medium coin purse medium 11x10 cm
Price: EUR 19.90
coin purse small coin purse small 11x8 cm
Price: EUR 15.50

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
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Customer testimonials

"Thank you all for the fast track! We received the ordered tapistery cusion within 24 hours. It's a great service. The cusions are really nice and meet 100% of our expectations."
Marc Leonard, Germany

Today I received my order. Thank you for the quick delivery to Australia. This is my second time I have purchased goods from you. They are all very beautiful. Thank you.

Grace Gullotto, NSW, Australia
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