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romantic & pastoral

As Rococo was essentially a decorative style, it was adaptable to many different creative disciplines, even including tapestries. The artists most prominent and reflective of the Rococo style were Jean-Honore Fragonard and Francois Boucher whose works together conveyed a feeling of theatrical leisure.

The Children The Children more sizes
from: USD 310.00
Game of Skittles Game of Skittles 69x44 inches
Price: USD 377.00
Serenade Serenade 43x59 inches
Price: USD 423.00
Portière Cupidon Portière Cupidon 30x74 inches
Price: USD 335.00
Portière Bouquet Portière Bouquet 28x72 inches
Price: USD 335.00
Serenade Serenade 43x59 inches
Price: USD 423.00

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"I got your notice that you shipped my tablecloth on Monday and it arrived today, Wednesday - from Belgium to Washington state. That is amazing. I never expected it to arrive so quickly, but was very pleased and the tablecloth is beautiful and I know we will enjoy using it. Thank you for your prompt service."
Mary E.McDonals, Silverdale, WA, USA

J'ai reçu (très rapidement, comme d'habitude!) la tapisserie 'Lions de la Grotte Chauvet' et une housse de coussin avec les 'Chérubins' de Raphaël. Et comme d'habitude, aussi, vos tapisseries sont un véritable enchantement ! Si finement travaillées, si originales aussi, et pour un prix qui reste, à mon avis, très raisonnable. Bravo! Je crois que je reviendrai vers vous d'autres fois encore pour continuer à décorer ma maison!

sophie CHRISTIAEN, French Polynesia
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