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romantic & pastoral

As Rococo was essentially a decorative style, it was adaptable to many different creative disciplines, even including tapestries. The artists most prominent and reflective of the Rococo style were Jean-Honore Fragonard and Francois Boucher whose works together conveyed a feeling of theatrical leisure.

The Children The Children more sizes
from: USD 318.00
Game of Skittles Game of Skittles 174x113 cm
Price: USD 371.00
Serenade Serenade 110x150 cm
Price: USD 438.00
Panel With Cupid Panel With Cupid 75x187 cm
Price: USD 348.00
Panel With Bouquet Panel With Bouquet 70x183 cm
Price: USD 348.00
Serenade Serenade 110x150 cm
Price: USD 438.00

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