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utility bag utility bag 15x10 cm
Price: EUR 15.90
Now: EUR 11.10
utility bag utility bag 18x12 cm
Price: EUR 18.50
Now: EUR 13.00
utility bag utility bag 20x15 cm
Price: EUR 23.90
Now: EUR 16.70
utility bag utility bag 22x15 cm
Price: EUR 33.90
Now: EUR 23.70
shoulder bag shoulder bag 27x22 cm
Price: EUR 65.90
Now: EUR 46.10
handbag handbag 31x26 cm
Price: EUR 91.90
Now: EUR 64.30
small shoulder/handbag small shoulder/handbag 22x17 cm
Price: EUR 45.90
Now: EUR 32.10
shoulder bag shoulder bag 21x22 cm
Price: EUR 52.50
Now: EUR 36.80
shoulder bag shoulder bag 36x27 cm
Price: EUR 92.90
Now: EUR 65.00
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Customer testimonials

"I´m very pleased with the service and the throws. Thank you and I will be making further purchases with you.'"
Emilia Macedo, Lisbon, Portugal
"The tapestry is gorgeous. Very fast service. Excellent communication. Thrilled!"
Arleen Alles, Miami, U.S.A.
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