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Simon Bull

Simon Bull

A childhood spent in cultural centres of Europe, the jungles of South America, and the mountains of Southern China, have all combined to shape the creative vision of British-born Simon Bull who has since become one of the world's most compelling living artists. His work is collected by royalty, presidents, celebrities, and museums as well as a growing number of private collectors who find their lives enriched by the color and emotion of his work.

Small Desire Small Desire 37x37 inches
Price: USD 346.00
Morning Flower Morning Flower 37x65 inches
Price: USD 551.00
Awakening Awakening 37x67 inches
Price: USD 561.00
Cocktail Glass Cocktail Glass 27x37 inches
Price: USD 249.00
From This Day On From This Day On more sizes
from: USD 337.00
Dancer Dancer more sizes
from: USD 139.00
A Time To Dream A Time To Dream more sizes
from: USD 139.00
These Dreams These Dreams more sizes
from: USD 208.00
Gratitude Gratitude more sizes
from: USD 139.00

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Bonjour. Réception ce jour de ma commande (housse coussin rouge Fleurs de Lys). Très belle manufacture. Je pense que vous aurez à nouveau des commandes de ma part. Bravo pour l'excellente qualité de vos produits. Bien cordialement.

Romuald Cassiaux, French Polynesia

Very happy with the package of 3 tapestry cushion covers.

Jenny Butler, NSW, Australia
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