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arte contemporáneo

Rosa Roja Rosa Roja 32x52 pulgadas
Precio: USD 194.00
Luna Luna más tamaños
de: USD 273.00
Amapolas Amapolas 47x34 pulgadas
Precio: USD 206.00
Amapolas Amapolas 34x52 pulgadas
Precio: USD 220.00
Amapolas Amapolas 20x34 pulgadas
Precio: USD 113.00
Pavo Real Pavo Real 25x41 pulgadas
Precio: USD 353.00
Amapolas Amapolas más tamaños
de: USD 102.00
Terrace in Sagot Terrace in Sagot 69x52 pulgadas
Precio: USD 684.00
Terrace in Paris Terrace in Paris 70x34 pulgadas
Precio: USD 371.00
Panel with Ducks Panel with Ducks 37x76 pulgadas
Precio: USD 501.00
Terrace in Luchon Terrace in Luchon 70x46 pulgadas
Precio: USD 602.00
Rosa Amarilla 1 Rosa Amarilla 1 58x39 pulgadas
Precio: USD 537.00
Gran Rosa Gran Rosa 57x59 pulgadas
Precio: USD 557.00
Rosa Amarilla 2 Rosa Amarilla 2 39x39 pulgadas
Precio: USD 365.00

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Opiniones de los clientes

"I just wanted to let you know that the products arrived last Friday morning, and I was quite surprised that it was delivered that quickly. The Monet's Garden tapestry is beautiful, and the cushion covers are exquisite. Frankly, the whole search started looking for a large tapestry of Le Mont St. Michel with the colors found in your cushion cover, but none of the larger tapestries we found had either the same level of detail or the colors like your tapestries. Most were quite bland from a color perspective. I don't know why that is, but since you have such a beautiful design of Le Mont St. Michel, you might consider it in a larger version as a tapestry when considering new products for your line. I think you would 'blow the competition away' (as we say in America) with your quality. In any event, we wanted you to know that the package had arrived safely and that we are very pleased with the quality. Thank you for your courtesies in replying to my prior messages. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to shop at your on-line store again in the future."
Kevin Merrit, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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