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Orbis Terrae 1607 Orbis Terrae 1607 184x132 cm
Precio: EUR 295.00
Europae 1500 Europae 1500 más tamaños
de: EUR 189.00
El Puerto El Puerto 146x149 cm
Precio: EUR 573.00
La Vuelta de la Pesca La Vuelta de la Pesca 150x110 cm
Precio: EUR 431.00
Ptolemaeus' Map Ptolemaeus' Map 98x160 cm
Precio: EUR 490.00
Caravel Caravel 150x77 cm
Precio: EUR 325.00
Orbis Terrae Orbis Terrae más tamaños
de: EUR 715.00
Orbis Terrae Orbis Terrae 142x98 cm
Precio: EUR 418.00
North Sea Harbor North Sea Harbor 109x93 cm
Precio: EUR 393.00

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Opiniones de los clientes

"We have been living in Belgium for 2 years and will soon be returning to the U.S. This is the best place for tapestry - I have visited the shop in Brugge and also ordered through the website. The tapestries are all gorgeous, very heavy weight, finely detailed, beautiful colors. The quality and the service has always exceeded our expectations. I have purchased many wall coverings and cushion covers for myself, family and friends. Everyone loves them! Thank you!"
Jeanne Kennedy, Rockaway, NJ
"Thanks for your promptness in sending our tapestries. They arrived the day after we got home, which was perfect. Once we opened them, they looked even nicer than they had in the store! We were very pleased and would recommend your store to our friends visiting there. Thanks again!"
Jerry Painter, Brentwood, Tennessee, USA
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