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Prado de Flores

Bolso Bolso 15x11 pulgadas
Precio: USD 124.00
Bolso Bolso 12x10 pulgadas
Precio: USD 92.80
Bolso funcional Bolso funcional 9x6 pulgadas
Precio: USD 34.30
Bolso funcional Bolso funcional 8x6 pulgadas
Precio: USD 24.10
Bolso funcional Bolso funcional 6x4 pulgadas
Precio: USD 16.10
Estuche para lentes Estuche para lentes 4x7 pulgadas
Precio: USD 24.80
Monedero grande Monedero grande 5x4 pulgadas
Precio: USD 22.10
Monedero mediano Monedero mediano 4x4 pulgadas
Precio: USD 20.10
Monedero pequeño Monedero pequeño 4x3 pulgadas
Precio: USD 15.70

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Opiniones de los clientes


The tapestry arrived very quickly, and is just as it appeared on your website. Very nice quality! I was glad to have found your online store, as I had been looking for this exact design since I saw this while on a trip to Bruges several years ago, and had forgotten to purchase it at the time.

Elise Henry, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Our tapestry is beautiful! It will be a wonderful reminder of our trip to Bruges, and a beautiful addition to our newly remodeled bedroom. Thank you!

Beth Gnuse, LA, U.S.A.
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