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Canal de Bruges Canal de Bruges 76x52 pulgadas
Precio: USD 293.00
Bacchus Bacchus 41x26 pulgadas
Precio: USD 293.00
Bacchus Bacchus 55x39 pulgadas
Precio: USD 623.00
Apollo Apollo 51x41 pulgadas
Precio: USD 525.00
Hercules Hercules 56x70 pulgadas
Precio: USD 449.00
Noble Hunt Noble Hunt 70x46 pulgadas
Precio: USD 371.00
Old Brussels Old Brussels más tamaños
de: USD 428.00
Old Brussels Old Brussels más tamaños
de: USD 315.00
Game Game 33x39 pulgadas
Precio: USD 179.00
Old Brussels Part Old Brussels Part 41x47 pulgadas
Precio: USD 336.00
Falcon Falcon 32x31 pulgadas
Precio: USD 152.00
The Heroes The Heroes 59x60 pulgadas
Precio: USD 561.00
Children in Garden Children in Garden 43x66 pulgadas
Precio: USD 645.00
Fire Element Fire Element más tamaños
de: USD 993.00
Fire Element Fire Element 37x59 pulgadas
Precio: USD 375.00
La Caza La Caza 69x45 pulgadas
Precio: USD 398.00
Triumph of Flora Triumph of Flora 77x94 pulgadas
Precio: USD 2178.00
Old Brussels, left Old Brussels, left 46x56 pulgadas
Precio: USD 318.00
Diana Diana más tamaños
de: USD 459.00
Apollo Apollo más tamaños
de: USD 426.00
Old Brussels Old Brussels más tamaños
de: USD 187.00
The Taking of Lille The Taking of Lille 99x54 pulgadas
Precio: USD 703.00
Old Brussels, right Old Brussels, right 46x56 pulgadas
Precio: USD 318.00
Old Brussels Old Brussels 91x55 pulgadas
Precio: USD 684.00

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
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Opiniones de los clientes


My Medieval Triptyche wall tapestry has just arrived in only three working days, I am thrilled with it, it will look gorgeous on my wall, the workmanship is second to none, with thanks.

Pamela Willis, Norfolk, Mexico
"I really enjoyed Brugge and liked your shop best! I hope to place another order on your website. Please feel free to use my customer testimonial on your website. Since I believe that we have visited at least 30 shops while in Brugge, yours is the one that I remember most. The sales lady was so kind, made us feel welcome and that she really cared about our choices. Thank you for making my visit to your beautiful city even more enjoyable."
Ms. Richarda Garner, Willis, Texas, USA
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