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The original tapestry is woven in Tournai in the 15th century. This is a remarkable representation of the grape gathering and the wine press on a 'Mille Fleurs' background. The original is exposed at the Cluny Museum in Paris. We offer many different sizes and compositions of this famous tapestry.

Pressoir Pressoir 34x42 pouces
Prix: USD 185.00
Vendange Vendange 43x58 pouces
Prix: USD 452.00
Pressoir Pressoir 16x47 pouces
Prix: USD 124.00
Vendange Vendange 33x40 pouces
Prix: USD 185.00
Vendange Vendange 16x47 pouces
Prix: USD 124.00
Pressoir Pressoir 27x70 pouces
Prix: USD 242.00

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Témoignages de clients

"The package arrived on 11th of January, about 13:00 h. Everything was perfect: the tapestries marvelous, the transport very fast and the billing ok. I look forward to keep asking you for more beautiful tapestries.. Best regards"
Celso Mazón, Villaviciosa De Odon, Spain

Thank you for your prompt service. I received them yesterday and am very pleased with the quality of the cushion covers.

Peter Canavan, Mexico
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