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Winemakers I Winemakers I 17x17 duim
Prijs: USD 23.20
Winemakers II Winemakers II 17x17 duim
Prijs: USD 23.20
Winemakers III Winemakers III 17x17 duim
Prijs: USD 23.20
Winemakers IV Winemakers IV 17x17 duim
Prijs: USD 23.20
Wijnoogst Wijnoogst 9x9 duim
Prijs: USD 17.40
Wijnoogst Wijnoogst 13x13 duim
Prijs: USD 26.10
Wijnoogst Wijnoogst 19x19 duim
Prijs: USD 36.80
Wijnpers Wijnpers 9x9 duim
Prijs: USD 17.40
Wijnpers Wijnpers 13x13 duim
Prijs: USD 26.10

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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
T. +32(0)50 34 54 54 - F. +32(0)50 34 55 31
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Very, very impressed. Beautifully made item, quickly deliveredand extremely well packaged. Can highly and honestly recommend.

jean trainer, North Lanarkshire, Belgium
"Just over a week ago I was in Bruges and purchased 2 tapestries from you, a traditional county scene and a large flower arrangement in front of a stone building, also the swan cushions from a section of another design. The assistance and helpfulness was much appreciated. I now have the 2 thin Woodland tapestry, the set of 3 with the swans, the Villa Garden, a large Apollo. Now adding the 2 new ones all which have been purchased from you. They all look great and give a lot of pleasure. May be next time I visit you may have some other traditional scenes, how ever I am running out of walls. Thank you all for your assistance... I would be happy for you to use my e mail to reassure others that the service and quality you give is very good. "
Keith Palmer, UK
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