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Verdures (French for greenery) are filled with flowers, trees and foliage; a few figures can appear. The color green usually dominates because of the richness of foliage decoration.

Verdure Fontein Verdure Fontein 59x59 duim
Prijs: USD 619.00
Het Woud Het Woud 26x87 duim
Prijs: USD 494.00
Het Koninklijk Bos Het Koninklijk Bos 71x41 duim
Prijs: USD 766.00
Villa Tuin Villa Tuin meer afmetingen
van: USD 350.00
De Jacht De Jacht 62x50 duim
Prijs: USD 453.00
De Stroom De Stroom 26x66 duim
Prijs: USD 436.00
Bosland Bosland 26x87 duim
Prijs: USD 509.00
Verdure met Vogels Verdure met Vogels 76x59 duim
Prijs: USD 821.00

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"I purchased 6 cushions, each with a different tapestry design at least 6 years ago. They are in our family room. They are extremely well made and have stood the test of time with our family and dog, even having been used in the occasional 'battle of the cushions' when our son was younger. They complement our leather furniture beautifully. The customer service is excellent as I had the cushions custom-made with fringe around the cushions and zippers sewn-in next to the edge. This is a very credible company and definitely worth the cost of shipping to the USA."
Fiona Thompson, PA, U.S.A.
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