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Verdures (French for greenery) are filled with flowers, trees and foliage; a few figures can appear. The color green usually dominates because of the richness of foliage decoration.

Verdure Fontein Verdure Fontein 59x59 duim
Prijs: USD 580.00
Het Woud Het Woud 26x87 duim
Prijs: USD 476.00
Het Koninklijk Bos Het Koninklijk Bos 71x41 duim
Prijs: USD 714.00
Villa Tuin Villa Tuin meer afmetingen
van: USD 341.00
De Jacht De Jacht 62x50 duim
Prijs: USD 436.00
De Stroom De Stroom 26x66 duim
Prijs: USD 420.00
Bosland Bosland 26x87 duim
Prijs: USD 485.00
Verdure met Vogels Verdure met Vogels 76x59 duim
Prijs: USD 770.00

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Thank you, I received the package on schedule and was especially pleased with the colour, quality and detail of the tapestries.

Damien Allard, Denmark
"Hi, Thank you so much for your service, I have just receive my tapestries today, which are extremely beautiful, this is the second time I deal with your service, I am so satisfied. Thank you again Mille Fleurs..Hope to buy from you again next:)"
Nunung Nurmillah, SA, Australia
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