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Bouchout Castle

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The Bouchout Castle is a castle in Belgium dating from the 12th century. The domaine is now the location of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. In the early 12th century, the Duke of Brabant and his troops confronted the troops of Meise, the "Milites de Menza." Both strongholds later became water castles, each surrounded by a park. Bouchout Castle has seen many changes through the years. The square tower, the oldest part of the castle, dates from the 14th century. A famous inhabitant of the castle was the Empress Charlotte (Carlota of Mexico), sister of King Léopold II, and widow of the executed Emperor of Mexico. Charlotte lived in the castle for most of her life.

The tapestry is fully lined with a strong cotton fabric. There is a rod pocket provided on the top.

Jacquard woven
70% cotton 30% mixed
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€ 263.00 € 376.00
€ 263.00

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