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Verdures (French for greenery) are filled with flowers, trees and foliage; a few figures can appear. The color green usually dominates because of the richness of foliage decoration.

Fountain Greenery Fountain Greenery 59x59 inches
Price: USD 557.00
Timberland Timberland 26x87 inches
Price: USD 456.00
Royal Forest Royal Forest 71x41 inches
Price: USD 685.00
Villa Garden Villa Garden more sizes
from: USD 326.00
The Hunt The Hunt 62x50 inches
Price: USD 419.00
Woody Woody 26x66 inches
Price: USD 403.00
Woodland Woodland 26x87 inches
Price: USD 465.00
Greenery with Birds Greenery with Birds 76x59 inches
Price: USD 739.00

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My package finally arrive today. I am very happy with the quality of tapestry and cushion covers. I like the way they made tapestry which is quite classic and close to original work, is high quality reproduction. The customer service is very impressive as well . Highly recommended .

Michelle Tao, VIC, Australia

Great quality. Fabulous service.

Tony Syslo, California, U.S.A.
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