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Pricing & Payment


Pricing    You can select your country when you shop on line. Quoted prices are net prices: shipping charges are not included. The shipping charges will be calculated automatically in your shopping cart, depending the destination and the weight. 

When you select a destination within the EU (European Unity), 21% tax (VAT) will be included already in our prices. Non-EU residents do not have to pay this Belgian tax! Any other tax, duty or clearance fee’s in your country is at your expense. In most cases, there will be no extra cost because we try to use a tariffication code that is not subject to import duties. Off course, import inspection may always result in another code, with possible taxes.

We always declare the exact monetary value on shipments. The invoice will always be done with the equivalent in the European EURO currency. This may result in small differences from the quoted prices due to the exchange rate invoiced by your card company. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. The quoted prices in our on line catalog can be subject to errors and can change anytime. If you ordered a product with a wrong price, we will notify you after giving our sincere apologies to you. 


Payment    On line, we only accept following cards: Maestro, VISA, MasterCard, IDEAL

Our ordering area uses SSL provided by GlobalSign, the industry standard and the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It uses the strongest commercially available level of encryption. All your private data will be encrypted at all times whilst in transit over the Internet. We do not charge until the product is availabe, ready to ship. Some of our customers express concern about the security of on line credit card transactions. You can be assured that we take all necessary security measures to protect your creditcard information and will not release it to any outside organization. If you prefer, you can order by fax as well.

Another option is to make a payment by bank (IBAN/BIC). The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders. The IBAN was developed to facilitate payments within the European Union and other countries with a minimum of costs. After your order, we e-mail you our bank details.

You can pay by PayPal as well. After your order, we send a payment request to your e-mail address.

In our physical shop in Bruges, we accept following cards: Maestro, VISA, MasterCard, American Express. 

If non EU-resident customers spend more than 125,- EUR we offer also the proper Tax Refund Request forms in order to claim our 21% V.A.T.

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Your guarantees

  • shopping is safe and easy
  • excellent and fast shipping service
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 5% price beat guarantee
  • best finishing of the products
  • friendly & accurate assistance

Customer testimonials

"I really enjoyed Brugge and liked your shop best! I hope to place another order on your website. Please feel free to use my customer testimonial on your website. Since I believe that we have visited at least 30 shops while in Brugge, yours is the one that I remember most. The sales lady was so kind, made us feel welcome and that she really cared about our choices. Thank you for making my visit to your beautiful city even more enjoyable."
Ms. Richarda Garner, Willis, Texas, USA
"Just opened the package today to use in the house for the holidays. The brocade doilies are beautiful. Thank you very much!"
Michael Yurescko, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.
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