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Peach Trees in Blossom (Van Gogh) Peach Trees in Blossom (Van Gogh) 102x87 cm
Price: EUR 184.00
Now: EUR 129.00
Fishing in Spring (Van Gogh) Fishing in Spring (Van Gogh) 86x102 cm
Price: EUR 177.00
Now: EUR 124.00
Breughel Breughel 89x109 cm
Price: EUR 346.00
Now: EUR 242.00
Fire Element Fire Element 94x150 cm
Price: EUR 546.00
Now: EUR 382.00
Grande Serre Napoléonienne Grande Serre Napoléonienne 151x108 cm
Price: EUR 454.00
Now: EUR 318.00
Rosa Rosa 140x140 cm
Price: EUR 126.00
Now: EUR 63.00
Patty Patty 140x140 cm
Price: EUR 126.00
Now: EUR 63.00
Mandy Mandy 140x140 cm
Price: EUR 126.00
Now: EUR 63.00
Clio Clio 140x140 cm
Price: EUR 126.00
Now: EUR 63.00
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Customer testimonials

"We received our tapestry on Monday. We were surprised that the tapestry got here so quickly. The tapestry is lovely. It is hanging above our mantel. The tree of life tapestry brings life to our living room. We could almost see the birds flying in the morning when the birds are chirping outside..."
Sharon Lim, Plano, Texas, U.S.A.
"Today we received our order from Mille Fleurs which may l say took less than 3 days to arrive from Belgium to us here in Cornwall England, we were very pleased. But when we opened our package and saw our order of throws , cushion covers and a tapestry we were just thrilled. They were just beautiful and so very classy. You thanked us for our order but may l say a big thankyou to your company for making products like these available for us to purchase. l wish l could get curtain material to match my pattern of this beautiful poppy design, it,s just lovely. May l add the quality of these goods are just first class. Thankyou so much it has been such a pleasure to do business with your company."
Cynthia Wainwright, Cornwall, United Kingdom
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