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Lydia Lydia 94x130 cm
Price: EUR 426.00
Now: EUR 298.00
Forest Forest 131x165 cm
Price: EUR 881.00
Now: EUR 617.00
The Charging Chasseur The Charging Chasseur 110x150 cm
Price: EUR 454.00
Now: EUR 318.00
handbag handbag 32x21 cm
Price: EUR 66.90
Now: EUR 46.80
shoulder bag shoulder bag 27x22 cm
Price: EUR 64.50
Now: EUR 45.20
Grande Serre Napoléonienne Grande Serre Napoléonienne 199x149 cm
Price: EUR 821.00
Now: EUR 575.00
The Night Café (Van Gogh) The Night Café (Van Gogh) 102x87 cm
Price: EUR 184.00
Now: EUR 129.00
Poppies Poppies 125x87 cm
Price: EUR 212.00
Now: EUR 148.00
Terrace in Luchon Terrace in Luchon 178x118 cm
Price: EUR 665.00
Now: EUR 333.00
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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
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Customer testimonials

"I got the beautiful tapestry today. What a great item, and what a great price! We will visit you on our trip to Bruges next year and buy some more. Thanks again for your prompt delivery and email responses. "
Stephanie Weiss, New York, U.S.A.

I recently received a number of cushion covers from Millefleurs; they are truly lovely. Over the years I have bought a number of items through their online Internet site. I have always received excellent service, any questions I have had have always been answered and the products have gorgeous. Thank you so much!

Dianne Richardson, Ontario, Canada
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