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Troye Troye 13x97 inches
Price: USD 60.90
Now: USD 42.60
Troye Troye 13x72 inches
Price: USD 46.60
Now: USD 32.60
Troye Troye 13x56 inches
Price: USD 36.50
Now: USD 25.60
Troye Troye 13x47 inches
Price: USD 30.40
Now: USD 21.30
Troye Troye 13x31 inches
Price: USD 22.30
Now: USD 15.60
Troye Troye 13x19 inches
Price: USD 12.10
Now: USD 8.50
Gracie Gracie 18x18 inches
Price: USD 26.30
Now: USD 18.40
Gracie Gracie 18x18 inches
Price: USD 26.30
Now: USD 18.40
Sarah Sarah 18x18 inches
Price: USD 26.30
Now: USD 18.40
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Mille Fleurs Tapestries - Wollestraat 18 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
T. +32(0)50 34 54 54 - F. +32(0)50 34 55 31
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Customer testimonials

"Thank you for all your help when I visited your shop in Bruges. My two tapestries arrived safely within 72 hours of you sending them. I am extremely pleased with them."
Helen Whitehouse, Mexico
"Many thanks! The tapestry came in on Friday which was three days after your e-mail (to reconfirm you have a good service). J. is busy getting the items needed to hang it and of course, will recruit one of sons-in-law to set up the scaffold to hang it (yes, it is a high wall). Regards. PG"
Peter Gutman,
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