The Hunts of Maximilian

€ 599.00

By Jean Baptiste Mozin (French, active 1663-1696) after Barend van Orley, 1531. The hunt ends in front of King Modus Modus (Measure, or practice) and Queen Ratio (Reason, or theory), and below a statue of Diana. She is the patron goddess of hunting, but also of water, which explains the battle of the sea-monsters in the lower border. According to the final text, hunting exercises the stamina and self-control of the aristocracy. Behind is a view of the Balienhof, the square in front of the ducal palace in Brussels.

The tapestry is fully lined with a strong cotton fabric. There is a rod pocket provided on the top.

Jacquard woven
100% cotton
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€ 599.00
€ 599.00