About our images

All images are the property of Millefleurstapestries.com. In order to show the best colour nuances, tones and shades, every product photo is taken in our own studio from an existing product. We never use images created by a weaving simulation on a computer or scanned images. Please note that a photograph may differ slightly in colour from the actual item due to the lighting during photography or monitor display.

The images may not be copied, reproduced, edited or modified in any way, directly or indirectly, with the following exceptions
1. You may make one copy of each image for the sole purpose of converting it to another file format for viewing on a single computer. This includes converting it to a BMP format for use as your Windows desktop wallpaper. Most browsers can do this in a single step.
2. You can use your browser to save a copy of each image in its original JPG format to your computer's hard drive for local viewing.

You may not display the images on a public website. You may not claim or imply that the images are your own work and you may not alter or obscure any copyright notices on the images.