The Labours of Hercules

€ 1799.00

This tapestry, currently on display at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, is one of four depicting the labors of Hercules, two of which bear the mark of the Ateliers d'Audenarde. Woven in the third quarter of the 16th century, it features a sumptuous background of aristolochia leaves, upon which Hercules, clad in the remains of the Lion of Nemea, subdues a fiery stallion. The rich border showcases cut leather intermingled with plant elements. The Flemish tapestries from the second half of the 16th century, commonly referred to as "large-leaf" tapestries, stand in stark contrast to the more restrained "thousand-flower" tapestries that preceded them. Their opulent vegetation and luxuriant tangles create an unreal atmosphere, evoking a sense of great modernism.


Silkscreening is a craft, a refined dance of color and precision. Tones are applied layer by layer with care, guided by meticulously crafted stencils. The end result? A stunning spectacle of vibrant colors and intricate textures that captivate the senses.


This tapestry comes equipped with convenient hooks on the back, allowing you to effortlessly hang it and immediately enjoy your new masterpiece.



silkscreened by hand
100% cotton
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€ 1799.00
€ 1799.00